Before a student is admitted to the college, he/ she or his/her guardian, if he/she is below 18 years of age, has to sign an undertaking in proper form to the effect that the student will abide by the rules of the college.

Every student must register his/her address in the college office. Any subsequent change in his/her address must be intimated to the Office in writing immediately

Every student has to possess an identity card issued by the college with three passport size photographs at the time of admission. If a student loses his Identity Card another duplicate Identity card will be issued to him/her on application and on payment of Rs. 50.00 and the student also will have to give a photograph for this purpose.

All students who wish to obtain leave of absence from the College must apply for it before they actually absent themselves. In special cases such as illness or an urgent journey where it is not possible to obtain leave in advance, an application for grant of leave may be sent by post or messenger.

Students of the college are forbidden,

  1. to belong to any outside athletic club or any club or society which is not approved by the Government or by the Management of the College and
  2. to play for any team other than the College team without previously obtaining written permission from the Principal.

When a match is to be played away from Kendrapara, members of the team and students who wish to accompany the team must obtain leave of absence from the Principal. Those who are residents of a hostel must obtain the permission of the Superintendent of their hostels.

  1. Spitting in the walls, floors, pillars, or doors of the college is strictly prohibited.
  2. Students shall not loiter on the verandahs when they have no classes to attend. They should not disturb other classes.
  3. Students are warned against handling bicycles or other vehicles which are not their won.
  4. Misconduct of students at football or hockey or other matches will be regarded as a breach of discipline.
  5. Students shall not leave any college meeting unless it is absolutely necessary.
  6. Students should stand in a queue while waiting for payment of their tuition fees or fee for any other purpose at the office counters.
  7. Students are warned against tampering with the light and fan switches.
  8. Scribbling on the College walls, pasting placards and other papers or otherwise disfiguring college walls or paths are strictly prohibited.
  9. Students are advised to meet the Principal only after obtaining his permission.
  10. Students should not ordinarily enter into the College Office.
  11. No club or society should be started or maintained in the College and no function should be organised without the prior approval of the Principal.

Student must abide by such hygienic principles and submit themselves to such anti - epidemic measures as would be laid down by the Principal from time to time.

  1. In case of continued absence without leave on the part of students on or before the 3rd day, the names of such absentees will be struck off the College rolls. Students, absent on such occasions will not be readmitted except under the usual rules of admissions unless they bring sufficient excuse in writing signed or countersigned by their parents or authorised guardians and may be excused at the discretion of Principal.
  2. A student who is rusticated or expelled or whose name is removed from the College rolls shall as soon as his/her name is struck off the rolls, leave the College and vacate the hostel if he/she is a resident of the same irrespective of his/her having paid the college or hostel dues in advance, or not. Such dues, if paid in advance, shall be forfeited to the college. If such a student does not leave the college or the hostel by the date he/she is required to do so, he/she shall be liable to pay such penalties or surcharge as the Principal may direct for everyday he/she overstays in violation of the order and shall also be subject to any lawful course of action including application of such reasonable amount of physical force that may be necessary by the Principal for enforcing his/her compulsory removal from the College or the attached hostel.
  3. No permission is required for College Students other than boarders to attend political meetings but they should so conduct themselves as not to bring themselves into undesirable prominence and they must not take any active part in the proceedings. It is to be kept in mind that the College exists for the purpose of education and not for active participation in politics. The Principal may prohibit students from attending a political meeting if he apprehends breach of peace.
  4. The principal in consultation with the President of the Governing Body of the College, may prohibit students from attending any meeting which they jointly deem unsuitable.
  5. A student willing to join any club or society outside the college must seek the prior permission of the Principal before becoming a member of such a club or society.
  6. No club or society should be started or maintained in any Government or aided college without the approval of the Principal nor shall it be affiliated to any outside body. It is permissible for Societies to be formed for the quiet and scholarly discussion of political, literary and scientific problems, but meetings of such societies must be open to all members of the college and members of the staff. Members of the staff may act as office bearers of societies. If invited by students to do so and will always do all they can do further their interest. No person who is not at the time a member of the college may be member of any such Club or Society or address a meeting save on the invitation by persons authorised by the Principal.
  7. Scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if the Progress or conduct of the scholar is unsatisfactory.
  8. No candidate shall be permitted to appear at Autonomous Examination unless his Term Certificates of attendance has been received by the Principal before the commencement of the examination.
  9. The grant of Term Certificate shall be subject to the following conditions.
    1. This certificate shall not be granted unless a student has secured not less than three fourths of the percentage of attendance at lectures in course of the academic Semester.
    2. This certificate shall not be granted unless the student has completed the course of instruction to the satisfaction of the authorities of the college and his/her progress and conduct have been satisfactory.
  1. Students of this College are required to clear up all their dues in the different sections including hostel before commencement of Semester/Test Examination.
  2. Students are not allowed to change their Subject / Subjects without the permission of Principal. They are allowed to write the Test / Semester examination only in the subjects with which they are admitted into the college.
  3. Students are required to get a minimum average mark (as decided by the staff council) in the Annual Examination for promotion to the next higher class. However, a special Examination may be conducted if staff council so desires for the candidates securing below that mark in the subject / subjects for which they are to pay an examination fee of Rs. 20/- in the College Counter. This examination is compulsory for candidates who do not write in any subject due to any reason.
  4. A fine of Rs. 10/- is to be collected for absence in one subject.
  5. If a student is not promoted due to any reason or not taken readmission within 4 weeks of reopening of the College his/her name is struck off the College Rolls.
  6. Students absent in all subjects in any of the examinations are to pay Rs. 100/- (Rupees One hundred) as fine + Rs. 20/- for special Test. However, these examination rules are subject to change as it is decided by the staff council every year.


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