There will be Semester system of Examination for Degree students as per the guidelines of UGC and Utkal University in letter No. CDC20/45873/06 Dated 31.07.2006.
Internal Assessment Examination

  1. Two Internal Assessment examinations will be conducted for each paper.
  2. Four examinations will be held in an Academic Session as per the Academic Calendar.
  3. Duration of examination will be of one hour.
  4. Absence in an examination will mean zero marks scored.
  5. There will be no provision for back appearance. Students attending state/ national         level NCC, Sports, academic and cultural events will not be given another chance to appear at special examination.

Semester Examination

  1. Semester examinations will be held as per the Academic Calendar :
  2. The duration of examinations will be as follows :
    1. Theory paper with maximum marks of 80/60 = 3 hours
    2. Theory paper with maximum marks of 40 = 2 hours
    3. Practical paper with maximum marks of 20 = 3 hours
    4. Practical paper with maximum marks of 40 = 6 hours
  3. A candidate will have to enroll for each semester examination.
  4. A candidate enrolled for examination, if fails to appear fully/partially at a semester examination, will appear back at the corresponding examination in the next session.
  5. A candidate securing less than 45% in an Honours paper and less than 30% in a Pass/Elective/Compulsory paper will be eligible to appear at back examination.
  6. A candidate, if does not enroll for/appear at both the semester examinations of  a session, will have to be readmitted into the same class.
  7. Two sets of questions for each theory paper for each semester will be invited from external question setters.
  8. Theory answer papers will be evaluated exclusively by external examiners but Practical answer papers will be evaluated by both external and internal examiners.
  9. Coding and tabulation will be done internally.
  10. The division and distinction will be awarded on the basis of the following :
    1. First Class Honours With Distinction : Minimum 60% in Hons (Aggregate) & minimum 30% in each subject and 50% in aggregate in subjects other than Hons.   
    2. First Class Honours : Minimum 60% in Hons (Aggregate) & minimum 30% in each subject & 36% in aggregate in subjects other than Hons.
    3. Second Class Honours with Distinction : Minimum 45% but less than 60% in Hons (Aggregate) & minimum 30% in each subject and 50% in aggregate in subjects other than Hons.
    4. Second Class Honours : 45% in Hons (Aggregate) & minimum 30% in each subject & 36%  in aggregate in subjects other than Hons.
    5. Back appearance in any of the subjects other than Honours will disqualify for award of Distinction.

Malpractice Committee

  1. The malpractice committee comprising five faculty members including one Deputy Controller of  Examinations will look into the reported cases of malpractice.
  2. The decision of the committee is final and binding.

Review Committee

  1. The review committee will comprise the Vice-Principal, Controller of Examinations and Head of the concerned Department.
  2. The committee will look into the following matters;
    1. Readdition of answer scripts
    2. Revaluation of answer scripts
    3. Supply of Xerox copy of answer scripts
  3. Readdition of answer scripts will be done by a Dy. Controller on receipt of readdition fee of Rs. 100.00 per paper and it will be verified by any member of review committee.   
  4. An answer script will be revalued only after getting an instruction from the court of law in favour of the complainant.
  5. A Xerox copy of an answer script will be provided to the complainant only after getting an instruction from the court of law in favour of him/her and after depositing a fee amounting Rs. 300.00 per answer script.
  6. All the matters will be routed through the review committee.

Publication of Results

  1. The results of each semester examination will normally be published within 45 days of completion of the theory & practical papers.
  2. The final results will be published after completion of the final semester examination and after it is approved by Utkal University.


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