The fees to be collected are subject to change as per the decision of the Governing Body / State Govt./ University
I. Admission Fee (Annual)

For all classes equivalent to one month tuition fee.

II. Tuition Fee (Monthly)

     +3 Arts & Commerce (Hons.) 10    M
  +3 Science (Hons.) 11 M

 Tuition fees are exempted for the following category of students.
a) S.C & S.T. students on production of caste certificate from Tahasildar.
b) Women students
c) Blind students

III. Other Fees:

  Athletic Club 30 A
  University Sports fee 60 A
  Internal Assessment Fee(Hons)  150 O
  College Magazine  50 A
  Abstract of Attendance 10 A
  Odia Sahitya Samaj 5 A
  Students’ Union  30 A
  College Election Fee 15 A
  Students Safety Insurance fee 3 A
  Medical Aid Centre  5 A
  +3 College Development Council Fee 15 A
  Identity Card 20 A
  Library Card  5 A
  College Calendar 25 A
  University Registration Fee 60 O
  Recognition Fee University  15 O
   Syllabus Fee 40 O
   Migration Fee (If needed) 20 O
  Students Aid Fund 5 A
  Music & Drama Society  10 A
  Association Subscription 5 A
   D.S.A. fee  5 A
  Youth Red Cross  10 A
  Seminar Fee  100 A
  Science Magazine (For Science Student) 15 A
  Printing of Time Table  5 A
  Science Society (For Science Student)  15 A
  Commerce Society/Faculty Imp. (For Commerce Students) 25 A
  Students’ Reading Room &Audio Visual Centre Fee 20 A
   N. C. Das Memorial Contribution 5 A
   Dinabandhu Sahu Memorial Contribution 5 A
  Campus Bulletin fee 20 A
  College Foundation Day contribution 20 A
  Cycle Stand Fee 5 A
   Boys’ / Girls’ Common Room Fee 5 A
  Indian Culture Class 5 A
  Entrance & Counselling fee 100 O
  SSG fee 5 A
   Maintenance Fee 55 A
  Furniture fee 20 A
   Library Caution Money :+3 Arts / Sc. / Com.  15 A
  Library Development Fee : +3 Arts/Sc./Com.   50 A
  Laboratory Caution Money fee for each practical sub. 30 A
  Fee for Badge 5 A
  Fee for Alumni Association  5 A

Contribution to College development fund :

  Admission fee Arts  1100 O
  Admission fee Sc 1700 O
  Admission fee Com.  1200 O
  Re-Admission fee Arts./Com 350 A
   Re-Admission fee Sci 400 A
  Monthly Development fee 10 M
  Vocational Sub fee  300 A
  Subject Change fee  50 O
  Affiliation fee  5 M
  Laboratory fee (Each Practical Sub)  5 M
  Electricity and Water charges 30 M
  N.C.C. Fee  6 A
  Students Welfare fund  5 A
  Career Counselling Fee 5 A
  Greening the Campus  20 A
  Duplicate Identity Card 50 A
  Duplicate Library Card 15 A
  T.C. Surrender within a week  300 A
  Research Magazine  10 A
  Rovers Fee 10 O
  Fee for Marksheet  10  
   Issue of Conduct Certificate 10  
  Issue of Continuing Certificate  10  
   Issue of Duplicate Certificate (TC or CLC) 200  
   Issue of C.L.C.  50  
  Issue of T.C. and Conduct Certificate in the
middle of the Session
  Transfer Admission fee  500  
  Renovation & Infrastructure Development Fee  20 M
  Convocation fee (sixth semester students)  150 O
  Internet Charges in the NRC  5 A

Note :  All the fees (except the examination fees) for one academic session will be collected once at the time of Admission / Readmission as the case may be.

 Hostel Fee : 

At the college counter at the time of Admission

  Admission Fee 50 A
  Seat Rent (Exempted for Blind students)  20 M
   Rent for furniture  10 M
  Energy Charges 80 M
  Water Charges  30 M

 At the Hostel counter at the time of admission

  General Furniture breakage  50 A
  Hostel Annual function  50 A
  Hostel Magazine fee 40 A
   Common Room fee  15 A
  Game fee  20 A
  Puja Subscription  5 A
  Hostel & Mess Establishment (for both Boys’& Girls’ Hostel)  200 M
   Medical fee  5 A
  Telephone Charge 2 M
  Telephone attendant fee 3 M
   Hostel caution money  50 A
  Mess caution money  50 A
  Mess Advance 2000 A
  Hostel improvement & maintenance fee  150 A
   Meet the Teachers fee  10 A
  Security Fee  50 M
  Office Bearer 10 M

Scholarships and other Financial assistance :

Various scholarships, both Central and State Govt. for eligible students are available in this college. Besides, Free studentship, assistance from S.A.F. and S.S.G. are also available to the poor and needy students.
Principal’s decision with regard to anything not covered in this prospectus or with regard to any rule is final and binding.

N.B. : 

  • 20% of the collected amount of Students’ Union Association and other allied bodies will be retained by the College.
  • Caution money is non-refundable.


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The College Library has been named Dinabandhu Sahu Memorial Library, after, the founder President of this college Late Dinabandhu Sahu.

There are nearly 60,784 books and 1205 reference books in the library on different subjects. There is a lending library (Book Bank with 10,000 books) which lends text books to the students.

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