There is accommodation for 240 male students in the N. C. Das Hostel

Allotment of Seats
The following number of seats are allotted to different classes.

  • +2 1st Yr. Arts - 20
  • +2 1st Yr. Com. - 10
  • +2 1st Yr. Sc. - 20
  • +2 2nd Yr. Arts - 20
  • +2 2nd Yr. Com. - 10
  • +2 2nd Yr. Sc. - 20
  • +3 1st Yr. Arts - 20
  • +3 1st Yr. Com. - 10
  • +3 1st Yr. Sc. - 16
  • +3 2nd Yr. Arts - 20
  • +3 2nd Yr. Com. - 10
  • +3 2nd Yr. Sc. - 16
  • +3 3rd Yr. Arts. - 20
  • +3 3rd Yr Com. - 10
  • +3 3rd Yr. Sc. - 18
  • TOTAL - 240


Application for admission to the N. C. Das Hostel duly filled in and signed by the candidate and by the father/guardian will be made to the Principal along with their application to the College in case of fresh candidates. The old boarders are equally to make an application afresh (application form to be had from Superintendent's office) to the Principal with Annual mark-sheet in the last week of May for consideration of their continuance in the hostel for the next academic session.

  1. If seats remain vacant in a particular stream, they are to be filled in by students of other streams by the Superintendent.
  2. The selection for admission to the N. C. Das Hostel is to be made by the admission committee of different classes according to merit and good conduct, in case of 1st year classes.
  3. Admission to the hostel will be strictly provisional and will be valid for one academic session only.
  4. The Principal may constitute a selection board consisting of the Chairman of the admission committee and 2/3 senior members of the teaching staff (to be nominated by the Principal) to which the old boarders will appear.
  5. The selection of the old boarders will be determined in accordance with their performance of the last Annual examination and good conduct.
  6. The selected candidates have to take their admission in the college first and on production of the college receipt in the hostel counter, they will be admitted in the hostel.
  7. The Superintendent will allot a seat in the room and no claim of allotment of seat in any specific room will be entertained.
  8. The boarder has to fill up one undertaking form duly signed by him and by his father / guardian / teacher to abide by the rules of the hostel during his stay.
  9. The father / guardian / teacher of the boy has to remain present at the time of his taking admission in the hostel.
  10. The Superintendent will maintain an admission register of the boarders stating their bio-data and antecedents during their stay in the hostel. The Superintendent will inform the Principal, his parents, local guardian and the H.O.D. in case of the boarder's misconduct.
  11. Since the admission to the hostel is valid for one academic session, boarders are to vacate the hostel at the end of the academic session (by 31st May) with their belongings to enable the Superintendent for necessary Annual repairing. The Superintendent will lock up all the rooms till fresh admission and allotment is over.
  12. The Principal is the final authority in respect of admission of boarders in the hostel and reserves the right of changing any rules as he deems fit.
  1. A room in the hostel will accommodate 4 students, each of the boarders will be issued with a cot, a table and a chair.
  2. All the four boarders will enjoy a ceiling fan.
  3. Boarders are expected to make good use of the furniture which is their individual responsibility.
  4. Any wilful damage of the hostel furniture by a boarder will make him liable for heavy penalties and also for general breakage the boarders will be charged at the end of the academic session.
  5. The Superintendent is required to conduct an annual check of the stock of the hostel furniture and other article and a report of the stock position has to be submitted to the Principal before closure of the College for summer vacation.
  6. The Superintendent should also submit to the Principal a report on the repair work to be undertaken during Summer vacation.
  7. Boarders have to arrange their own electric bulbs and repairing of fan at their respective rooms.
  1. The hours fixed for the study are from 6.30 P.M. to 9 P.M.
  2. No boarder will ordinarily be allowed to leave the room during study hours.
  3. No boarder is expected to remain absent from the hostel ( other than the class during study period without the prior permission of the Superintendent). Frequent absence will be tantamount to breach of discipline.
  4. No movement in the Verandah or entrance and exit is allowed during the study hour.
  5. Visiting Hours :
    • From- Monday to Saturday - 4 P.M. to 6 P.M.
    • Sunday -1 P.M. to 6 P.M.
  6. Visitors - Authorised visitors are allowed to enter the hostel during visiting hours. But the following exceptions may be allowed.
    • Relatives of the boarders with the permission of the Superintendent.
    • With the permission of the Supt. friends of the boarders may be allowed to visit beyond the visiting hours.
    • Excursion parties, Athletic teams and college guests may also be allowed temporarily to have shelter in the hostel, provided there are difficulties for such accommodation.
    • Father, Natural Guardian, relatives and friends of a boarder may be allowed to stay in the hostel for a period not exceeding one day with permission of the Superintendent.
  1. The Hostel common room provides newspapers, and indoor games. to the boarders.
  2. Opening Hours : The common room remains open for the boarders during specified hours to be determined by the Superintendent.
  3. The Caretaker has to look after the cleanliness of the common room. He is also responsible for the common room articles such as TV., fan, table, chairs, TT board, tube light, dari and other furniture. Such articles cannot be removed without the permission of the Superintendent. Funds of the Common room and fund meant for Cultural activities cannot be spent for other than the purchase of
    • Newspapers, periodical and journals.
    • Indoor game articles
  1. The Mess affairs are managed by a Mess Committee comprising boarders of different classes, nominated by Supt. for one month.
  2. The Mess Committee will decide the type of food to be served to the boarders.
  3. The Mess Committee will ensure the general discipline and cleanliness of the dinning hall.
  4. All decisions taken by the mess Committee are subject to the approval of the Superintendent.
  5. Boarders have to clear their mess dues of a particular month within the 10th of the next month, failing which a fine of Rs. 10/- will be charged.
  6. Boarders are required to pay mess dues for January, February, March & April in advance in two equal instalments by 5th & 15th of the next month. The amount payable shall be notified by the Superintendent in proper time.
  7. All boarders are compelled to take meals in the hostel. If any boarder wants to take his meal outside he has to pay the no-meal-charge to be determined by the Superintendent.
  8. Boarders are to stop arrange meals with a special entry made by themselves in the register maintained by the Mess Managers.
  9. Guest meal is strictly prohibited unless and otherwise permitted by the Superintendent.
  10. Meals will be served to the boarders during the following hours.
    1. Morning Meal - Between 9 A.M. to 11 A.M.
    2. Evening Meal - Between 9 P.M. to 10 P.M.
  11. If a boarder does not take his meal in the specified time, he forfeits his claim of that meal and he has to bear that meal charge.
  12. Meal timings may be altered by the Superintendent according to necessity and convenience.
  13. Boarders during meal time must maintain perfect silence inside and outside the Dining Hall. Any breach of discipline will make them liable for punishment.

The Superintendent will nominate a panel of Boarders on the basis of merit - cum - conduct to hold Annual Function and other activities subject to the approval of the Principal.

Observing discipline is the utmost significance on the part of the boarders for the best interest of the hostel.

  1. Boarders in the hostel will be considered to be under the direct control and supervision of the Superintendent.
  2. No boarder shall make himself absent from the hostel without the permission of the Supt.
  3. No boarder is expected to create disturbance of any kind to other boarders specially during study hours.
  4. Boarders will obtain prior permission of the Superintendent before joining or taking part in any meeting or association outside the College.
  5. The Superintendent has the power of censoring all materials brought to the hostel.
  6. The Superintendent is competent to nominate prefects for every floor, who shall be in charge of discipline of the concerned floor and general cleanliness of the wards of the hostel.
  7. The Superintendent will be responsible for the maintenance of order and discipline of the hostel and has power to punish boarders for breach of discipline.
  8. All cases of gross and habitual misconduct of the boarders will be reported to the Principal and the parents if situation demands.

The following shall be treated as the breach of discipline in the hostel.

  1. Absence from the hostel without permission.
  2. Continued neglect of study.
  3. Singing, playing, playing of musical instruments, teasing, catcalling, spitting in the room and verandah.
  4. Holding of meeting without prior sanction of the Superintendent.
  5. Use of drugs, intoxicants and tobacco.
  6. Gambling in any form.
  7. Introduction of any person not authorised by the hostel authorities.
  8. Misconduct in the Dining Hall.
  9. Misconduct of any other description prohibited by the Superintendent.

Breach of discipline of any kind is liable for expulsion from the hostel. Principal is the final authority to punish the boarders and impose penalties as he deems fit. He deserves the right of interpretation of the hostel rules as the chief Warden.

Boarders of the college hostel are not allowed to keep Mobile Phones with them.

Ragging of any kind in any form is strictly forbidden and is a criminal offence. Any student found involved in such activities is liable for severe punishment and expulsion from the institution.


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