Prof. Bindumitra Bal, M.Com. (Utkal), Reader

(Not strictly according to Seniority)

  1. Sri Saroj Kumar Mohanty, M. A. (Utkal), Reader & HOD
  2. Dr. (Smt.) Jyotirmayee Mohapatra M. A., Ph.D. (Utkal), Reader
  3. Dr. Madan Mohan Beura M. A., Ph.D. (Utkal), Reader
  4. Dr. Aviram Singh, M.A., Ph.D. (Utkal), Reader
  5. Sk.Sahabuddin Ali, M.A, M.Phil (Sambalpur) Dip. in Journalism., Lecturer.
  6. Sri Jachindra Kumar Rout, M.A. (Utkal), PGDTE(CIEFL), Lecturer
  7. Capt. Manoranjan Mohanty, M.A. (Utkal), M.Phil (Utkal), PGDTE (CIEFL), Lecturer


  1. Dr. Shatrughna Pandab, M. A., M. Phil, Ph. D. (Utkal), Reader & HOD
  2. Dr. Girish Chandra Sahoo, M. A., Ph. D. (Utkal), Reader
  3. Dr. Suryamani Samal M.A, Ph.D. (Utkal), Reader
  4. Dr. Bhubanananda Sahoo, M. A., M.Phil, Ph.D. (Utkal), Reader
  5. Dr. Manas Kumar Das (Guest Faculty)


  1. Mrs. Annapurna Suar, M.A. (Utkal), Reader
  2. Sri Gyanindra Dash, M.A. Lecturer (On Study Leave)


  1. Sri Niranjan Behera, M. A. (Berhampur), Reader & H.O.D.
  2. Dr. Pradipta Kumar Dash, M. A., LL.B., Ph.D (Utkal) Reader
  3. Sri Guru Prasad Mohanty, M.A. (Utkal), Reader
  4. Dr. Anil Kumar Lenka, M.A., LL.B, Ph.D. (Utkal) Lecturer.
  5. Sri Gopal Chandra Behera, M.A. (Utkal) Reader


  1. Dr. Akshya Kumar Patra
  2. Sri Tapan Kumar Pati, M. A. (Utkal), Lecturer.
  3. Mrs. Bandana Rout, Lecturer (Guest)


  1. Dr. Arjun Charan Nayak,M.A.(N. Bengal), M.Phil. (Poona), Ph.D (Utkal) Reader & H.O.D.
  2. Priti Manjari Khuntia, (Guest Faculty)


  1. Dr. (Mrs.) Pournamasi Panda, M. A., Ph.D. (Utkal), Lect. & H.O.D.
  2. Ms. Sonalika Mohanty, M.Sc. (Utkal), PGDCA, Lecturer (Contractual)
  3. Sri Ajaya Kishore Das, M.Sc.(Utkal), Lecturer (Contractual)


  1. Sri Jajati Kishore Tripathy, M. A. (Utkal), Reader
  2. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Tripathy, M. A., M. Phil, Ph.D (Utkal), Reader
  3. Dr. (Mrs.) Bhagyalaxmi Mohanty, M. A., LL.B., Ph.D., (Utkal), Lecturer.
  4. Sri Dilip Kumar Bhuyan, M. A. (Utkal), Lecturer.


  1. Dr. Shridhar Samal, M.A. (Utkal), Ph. D. (Utkal) DCA, Lecturer & HOD


  1. Sk. Habib, M.A. (Utkal), Lecturer (Management) HOD
  2. Sri Saroj Kumar Mallick (Guest Faculty)


  1. Dr. Baidhar Nayak M.A. M. Phil(Poona), Ph.D (JSU) Reader & HOD
  2. Dr. Rama Chandra Sahoo M.A., Ph.D, Lecturer.


  1. Dr. Raghunath Sahoo, M.A., LL.B., Ph.D. (Utkal), Lecturer & H.O.D.
  2. Dr. Ajoy Kumar Das, M. A., LL.B, Ph.D (Utkal), Lecturer.
  3. Sri Nabin Chandra Ghatuary, M. A. (Utkal), Lecturer. (Guest)


  1. Dr. (Smt.) Pramila Kumari Mohanty, M.Sc., M.Ed., Ph.D, Reader & H.O.D.
  2. Sri Ashok Kumar Routray, M. A. (Utkal), Reader
  3. Dr. Dharanidhar Sahoo, M. A., Ph.D. (Utkal), Lecturer.
  4. Mr. Ramanath Mohanty,


  1. Nabaghana Samal, M.Sc. (Utkal), Reader & HOD
  2. Sri Bijay Kumar Das, M. A. (Utkal) ,Lecturer.
  3. Rekha Lal, Guest Faculty


  1. Dr. Girish Kumar Patra, M. Com., Ph.D. (Berhampur), Reader & H.O.D.
  2. Sri Bindumitra Bal, M.Com. (Utkal), Reader
  3. Dr. Kailash Chandra Lenka, M. Com., Ph.D. (Utkal), Reader
  4. Sri Prafulla Chandra Sahoo, M. Com., M.Phil. (Utkal), Reader.5. Sri Adhikari Laxmi Narayan Dash,M.Com.(Utkal), LL.B (Utkal) M.Phil (Nagpur), Lecturer.
  5. Dr. Biren Kumar Rout, M. Com., M. Phil.(Nagpur), LL.B., Ph.D.(Berhampur), PGDCA, Lecturer
  6. Sri Sambit Mishra, M. Com., M.Phil. (Utkal), LL.B. Lecturer.


  1. Sri Niranjan Parida, M.Sc (Sambalpur), Reader & HOD
  2. Sri Manoj Kumar Mishra, M.Sc., (Utkal), Lecturer.
  3. Sri Biswaranjan Puhan, M.Sc., (Utkal), Lecturer.
  4. Sri Ranjit Kumar Dash, M.Sc., (Utkal), Lecturer.


  1. Sri Narayan Prasad Jena, M.Sc. (Utkal) LL.B (Sambalpur), Reader & HOD
  2. Dr. Debendranath Gochhayat, M.Sc. Ph.D (Utkal), Reader
  3. Dr. (Mrs.) Manjushree Mohapatra, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Utkal), Reader
  4. Sri Promod Kumar Das, M.Sc. (B.U.), Lecturer (Study Leave UGC)
  5. Mr. Dibyajit Dash, M.Sc., Lecturer (Leave Vacancy)
  6. Mrs. Nibedita Behera, M.Sc.(Guest Faculty)
  7. Geeti Subhra Jena, (Guest Faculty)

BOTANY & Seed Technology :

  1. Dr. Pratyush Kumar Pradhan, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph. D., LLB (Utkal) and HOD.
  2. Mrs. Namita Patra, M.Sc. (Utkal) Lecturer
  3. Sri Maya Prasanna Tripathy, M.Sc. (Utkal) Lecturer


  1. Dr. Bairagi Charan Behera, M. Sc., Ph. D. (Utkal), Reader & H.O.D.
  2. Sri Pradipta Kumar Dash, M.Sc. (Utkal), Lecturer
  3. Sri Goura Prasad Sarangi, M.Sc.
  4. Miss Kalyani Singh,M.Sc. Guest Faculty


  1. Miss. Monalisa Singh, M.Sc., Lecturer (Contractual)


  1. Sri Sanjay Kumar Swain, M.C.A., Lecturer (Contractual)
  2. Sri Subrat Kumar Patra, M.C.A., Lecturer (Contractual)


  1. Sri Jyoti Prakash Kar, M.C.A., Lecturer (Contractual)
  3. Sri Jyotirmaya Das, B.Sc., B.P. Ed., LL.B (Deployed by order of DHE)


  1. Sri Sukadev Sahu, Senior Clerk
  2. Sri Arakhita Rout,- Accountant
  3. Sri Niranjan Tripathy,- Jr. Clerk
  4. Sri Debasis Prasad Singh, Cashier
  5. Sri Aswini Kumar Panda, Jr. Clerk
  6. Ms. Tuhina Sanyal, Jr. Clerk
  7. Miss Rokiya Farzana, Jr. Clerk
  8. Sri Ajit Kumar Barik, Jr. Clerk
  9. Sri Maheswar Barik, Jr. Clerk (Management)
  10. Sri Rama Mohan Dash, Jr. Clerk (Management)
  11. Sri Karunakar Pati, Computer Assistant (Contractual)
  12. Sk. Sahanawaz Khan, Jr. Clerk (Contractual)
  13. Sri Ashok Kumar Mishra, Data Entry Operator
  14. Sri Sitakanta Nayak, Jr. Clerk (Contractual)
  15. Sri Manas Ranjan Mishra Jr. Clerk (Contractual)
  16. Sri Deva Narayan Barik, Peon (Contractual)


  1. Mrs. Manas Manjari Jena, M.A.(Utkal), M.Lib.Sc.,PGDCA, Librarian (Management)
  2. Mrs. Deepa Senapati, M.A., M.Phil. (Asst. Librarian) (Contractual)

Physics :Demonstrator

  1. Sri Prafulla Chandra Dash, B. Sc. (Hons. & Dist.)

Laboratory Assistants

  1. Sri Narendra Kumar Patra (Contractual)
  2. Sri Arabinda Samal (Contractual)
  3. Mrs. Bijayini Parida (Contractual)

Mechanic Laboratory Assistant IT :

  1. Sri Ranjit Kumar Parida (Contractual)

Chemistry Demonstrator

  1. Dr. Sunakar Das, B.Sc.(H), M.A. M.Ed., Ph.D. (Management)

Laboratory Assistants

  1. Sri Ramesh Chandra Nayak (Contractual)
  2. Sri Nirmal Kumar Mohapatra (Contractual)
  3. Sri Pradeep Sahoo (Contractual)

Botany Demonstrator :

  1. Sri Kanan Bihari Sahoo, B. Sc. (Block Grant)

Zoology Laboratory Assistant :

  1. Mrs. Jayashree Acharya, M.Sc. (Contractual)
  2. Sri Avaya Kumar Nayak, Peon (Contractual)

Psychology Demonstrator :

  1. Mrs. Sima Mohanty, M. A. (Utkal)

Class III Staff (Junior) :

  1. Sri Batakrushna Giri, Library Attendant
  2. Sri K.K. Sahoo (Chemistry) Laboratory Attendant (Contractual)
  3. Sri Nirakar Jena (Botany) Laboratory Attendant (Contractual)


  1. Sri Hrusikesh Panda (Education)
  2. Sri Krupasindhu Behera (Zoology) (Block Grant)
  3. Zahid Khan (Office) (Management)
  4. Sri Pramod Kumar Panda (Psychology) (Management.)
  5. Sri Debendra Kumar Acharya (Staff Common Room) (Management)
  6. Sri Giridhari Behera, Peon, (Exam. Cell) (Block Grant)
  7. Sri Sanjay Kumar Behera (Stat) (Contractual)
  8. Mrs. Kanchanbala Jena, Ladies Common Room (Contractual)
  9. Sri Sushanta Kumar Das (Batany) (Contractual)
  10. Sri Ramesh Chandra Das, Peon (Commerce) (Contractual)
  11. Sri Braja Kishore Sethy (Auto. Cell) Peon (Contractual)

Principal’s Orderly :

  1. Sri Khirod Kumar Parida


  1. Sri Prafulla Kumar Malik (Contractual)
  2. Sri S.K. Das (Contractual)
  3. Sri B. P. Bhadra (Contractual)


  1. Sri G. C. Majhi (Contractual)
  2. Sri Ratnakar Gochhayat (Contractual)


  1. Sri Sanat Kumar Mishra (Management)
  2. Sri Ramakanta Parida (Contractual)
  3. Sri Nayan Kumar Sahu (Contractual)


Principal, Kendrapara Autonomous College, is acting as Principal-in-Charge of this institution.


  1. Electrical Domestic Appliances : Approved Seats = 24
  2. Medical Laboratory Technician (M.I.T.) : Approved Seats = 24

The number of seats in each trade can be extended on demand, by the order of the Director, Vocational Education.

Teaching Staff :

  1. Sri Raysingh Santosh Kumar Bairiganjan Mohapatra, B.Sc. A.M.I.E. (Elect)
  2. Dr. Sudam Charan Singh (M.B.B.S.) (Part timer)

Non-Teaching Staff :

  1. Smt. Bimala Nayak, (Instructor of Tailoring, H.N.S.College,Chandol) deployed as Junior Clerk to this College.


Prof. Bindumitra Bal,


Non Teaching

Time Table 2018-19


Plus 2: According to the new course structure there shall be one examination to be conducted by the college at the end of 1st year  on the basis of the curriculum meant.... More

Plus 3: The three year degree course in Arts/ Science/ Commerce shall be spread over a period of three academic years and the pattern of examination is semester system, two semesters in each year.... More

Self Financing: Many self financing courses are run by the college....  More


The College Library has been named Dinabandhu Sahu Memorial Library, after, the founder President of this college Late Dinabandhu Sahu.

There are nearly 60,784 books and 1205 reference books in the library on different subjects. There is a lending library (Book Bank with 10,000 books) which lends text books to the students.

The special feature of the college library is the Indian Culture Section where books are kept on all religions and cultures.... More